In musical terms, there are many ways to communicate a piece of tuneful genius. Some music is structured, technical, perfected note for note while some is garbled, chaotic, meandering and might even be considered nonsense by the untrained ear!

Improving Musical Skills Through Learning and Practice

It doesn't take the intellect of a university lecturer to realize that to become a skilful musician and maintain that level of expertise, it takes a good learning foundation backed by consistent and frequent practice. Sure, once you have learned how to play an instrument or sing to a high degree of expertise, you don't forget it. But you can't walk away for months at a time with the attitude that it's like riding a bike.

You can't simply "get back on" and carry on from where you left off.

Playing a musical instrument involves building up certain muscles in the body (not the fingers as there are no muscles in them). To keep them supple and working perfectly takes constant practice, just like an athlete needs to keep training every day to maintain their fitness level, technique and stamina.

If you're a singer and you don't keep up with your daily practice, then go and perform in front of an audience, your performance may well suffer in some way because your body is not used to singing at that level. You may go off key, sing a little flat or not be able to hold on to a long, high note like you used to. Trust me, the audience will notice!

One great way to stay on track with whatever musical aspect is your personal preference, (and is a good idea nevertheless) is to keep a good video-based training course at the ready. This is something you can carry around with you on a DVD which takes up almost no space but is ready to play to keep you on track, remind you of some technique or other or just force you to practice by using a little guilt trick because you know its there and you should be using it!

You can find out more about the best online singing lessons by visiting that page or simnply taking a look at the website as a whole, because there is a lot of really useful info on there for performing singers and musicians that is interesting, amusing in places but also kind of serious too.

The Homemade Orchestra and Michael Rosen

The Homemade Orchestra has just completed a major collaborative project with the celebrated poet, writer, broadcaster and newly-appointed 'Poet Laureate for Children', Michael Rosen. The 60 minute piece will be created by the ensemble's key writers, Colin Riley, Tim Whitehead and Liam Noble and use Rosen's nonsense poetry with music to ignite the surreal, the playful, and the unexpected in a performance of music and words. Michael himself will narrate the poetry accompanied by the ensemble in a range of original rhythmic guises.

The performance will navigate through 'baked bean storms', 'Jellyfish under the rug', 'lonely toads in the middle of the road', and the retail greed of "More, More, More" in an off the wall romp through an ever-changing musical scenario, making full use of its versatile players and rich sound palette. It will be suitable for all ages.

Nonsense will be released as an album in spring 09 on Basho